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Bird Food

Birds aren’t just any pet, they’re a source of pride and if they’re exotic you want to show them off and keep them looking and feeling their best at all times. At Net to Pet we understand that, and we’ve got you covered with a range of quality and delicious bird food to keep that bird healthy and their feathers shiny. Whether it’s a small parrot or a large exotic creature you’ve got, you’ll find something to keep both you and your bird chirping happily.

For bird breeders we have a breeding pellet mix specially designed to meet the nutritional requirements and aid the development of both the breeding birds and their young. For those picky parrots we have a nutritional blend that's colourful and tasty and irresistible, available in a range of sizes to suit all bird types. Exotic birds aren’t forgotten either, with nut flavoured food for Macaws and other types, as well as low iron pellets for frugivores like Toucans. All our bird food is designed by Avian vets so you can trust you’re only getting the best products to keep your bird’s digestion strong and their system balanced. Browse our full range now and find the perfect meal to keep your bird happy and healthy.