Bird Wormers

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Bird Wormers

If you own a bird, then setting up a worming programme is extremely important, regardless of whether they’re kept in a cage or not. All birds are susceptible to picking up worms, especially younger birds and pigeons, cockatoos, budgies, and doves. There are different types of worms that can affect birds, each with different symptoms, including hairworm, tapeworm, hookworm, roundworm, and gizzard worm.

While there are many rumours about what causes worms in birds and how to prevent them - for example, some people think that concrete floors can prevent worms from occurring - the risk is always there. The only way to ensure your bird is protected from worms is by setting up an appropriate worming programme. It’s generally recommended to use bird wormers prior to breeding season. Don’t wait for the moment your bird is infested, prevention is the best way to combat them.

Net to Pet has different bird wormers and products to ensure your bird is protected and safe from contracting worms. We stock both worming syrup and worming gel, which can either be dissolved in water or given to the bird with a crop needle. Take care of your birds and establish a safe worming schedule today.