Bravecto For Dogs

Protect your canine friend from ticks for 3 months and fleas for 4 months with just one delicious Bravecto chewable.

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About Bravecto for dogs

Bravecto for dogs was developed by MSD Animal health designed to protect your canine friend against nasty ticks and fleas. Just one Bravecto chew will cover your dog from fleas and ticks for over 3 months. Braveco for dogs contains the active ingredient fluralaner. Made to suit a range of sizes including very small dogs all the way up to very larger dogs Bravecto chewables are perfect for killing fleas and ticks and giving you peace of mind when choosing a flea and tick treatment. 

Why Choose Bravecto?

Tasty Chewables- Bravecto for dogs is a tasty meaty flavoured chewable, a study found 91.7% of dogs ate the chewable voluntarily! 

Waterproof- Being an oral chewable, Bravecto is waterproof meaning you can wash your canine friend and let them play in the water without the worry of the treatment washing off. 

Works within hours- Bravecto starts killing fleas within 8 hours and paralysis ticks within 24 hours. 

Manageable- Since Bravecto for dogs is a 3 month chewable it means it only needs to be administered once every 3 months giving you more time to do the things you want with your furry friend.