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Capstar is fast acting flea relief which is specifically designed for both your dog and cat. One of the fastest working products on the market, this small tablet works within only 30 minutes and scientific research has shown that Capstar for dogs has over 90 percent effectiveness in less than four hours in dogs, and 6 hours in cats. This oral treatment eliminates fleas which can cause issues such as flea allergy dermatitis which can cause intense itchiness, hair loss and reddening of the skin, which can be a great nuisance and pain for both the pet and owner.

How to administer?

Do you have trouble giving your pet tablets? Don’t worry, us too! Capstar for cats is a very small tablet which can easily be placed inside of their favourite treat, food or even meat or cheese. Making us of a pill popper is also an easy way of providing your pet with this flea treatment.

What Is The Active Ingredient?

Capstar contains the active ingredient Nitenpyram which is designed to eliminate Adult fleas quickly leaving your pet flea free and yourself stress free. This unique ingredient attacks fleas through interfering with their neurotransmission killing them rapidly. You may be wondering how something which can kill fleas so fast can be safe, Capstar is incredibly safe as no adverse effects were found in controlled studies even when giving up to 10 times the recommended dose.

Capstar Flea Tablets are perfectly suitable For Puppies and Kittens over the age of 4 weeks and over 500g meaning your pet can be flea free from a very young age.

How Long Does It Last?

Within only 6 hours 90% of fleas are eliminated on your pet making it the perfect product for quick relief. Capstar is unlike many other treatments in that it lasts for only 24 hours which is perfect when fleas on your dog or cat are present. Due to the short time frame, Capstar is labeled as a flea treatment rather than flea prevention. Another thing to think about when using this treatment is that it will eliminate any fleas on your pet at present but will not treat the environment, meaning these parasites can jump back on your dog or cat at a later time.