Holistic Select Cat Food

Holistic Select Cat Food

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Why choose Holistic Select Cat Food?

Holistic Select cat food focuses on a commitment to provide wholsome nutrition and optimal quality food to promote positive digestive health in your feline companion. By using all natural ingredients including fruit, vegetables, grains and omega oils, Holistic provide a complete and balanced diet which can be fed daily. 


As we all know different lifestages need different protein, fat and energy levels which is why Holistic Select have developed a range of life stage specific formulas that cater for both the age and size of your pet, including kitten, adult and senior nutrition while also catering for indoor cats and grain free diets. By using flavours such as fish, turkey, shrimp and tuna, Holistic select cat food is perfect for the most fussiest of cats through their wholesome wet and dry diets. 


Another benefit of Holistic select is the peace of mind if your dog doesn't enjoy their food their quality guarantee provides a full refund or exhange if you have any issues with thier product.