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Meals for Mutts

Superior Nutrition for your dog

Meals for Mutts is proud to offer you the very best of premium puppy and dog food. Meals for Mutts products are not based on what it takes for your dog to survive, but on what it takes for your dog to thrive! The team behind Meals for Mutts are committed to producing a balanced, nutrient-rich dog food that will play an integral part in the overall health and wellbeing of your dog.

With over 40 years of experience in the pet food industry, the team at Meals for Mutts have tried and tested natural, organic food for years to ensure that the food you serve your dog is not only balanced but is of the highest quality and value.

Organic food, not only for humans.

We know that a natural, organic diet is better for our health than a diet heavy in overly processed foods, so why do we still feed out pets processed food? Meals for Mutts is a premium, all natural, hypoallergenic, holistic pet food made from only the finest ingredients available.

Meals for Mutts, the benefits.

·         Nutrient Rich providing what Meals to Mutts believe to be the best scientifically validated diet possible

·         Hypoallergenic ingredients, free from common allergens like corn, dairy, soy & wheat.

·         By using a unique blend of probiotics and nutrients, the Meals for Mutts recipes assist with maintaining a healthy immune system.

·         Meals for Mutts is a Grain Free dog food. Removing grains from the food helps keep pets full for longer

·         The natural, organic ingredients used provide optimum nutrition balanced with energy.


So, what does go into a Meals for Mutts recipe?

Reading the ingredients list of a Meals for Mutts recipe is like reading the ingredients out of a modern-day cook book! With ingredients that include high-quality proteins like duck, turkey and lamb, vegetables like sweet potato, broccoli, bok choy and alfalfa, you can see how you could be mistaken!

Meals for Mutts, developed and manufactured in Australia

Meals for Mutts is the leading provider of Australian made pet food. Specialising in Grain-free, holistic dog food and sourcing raw ingredients and packaging from Australian farmers and manufacturers to be an entirely Australian product, made by Australians, for Australian Dogs.