Natural Animal Solutions

Natural Animal Solutions

Natural Animal Solutions is a range of natural medications designed to assist in helping various conditions including joints, skin, stress and digestion problems in both cats and dogs. Shop the entire range below at the cheapest prices around.

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About Natural Animal Solutions

Natural Animal Solutions was founded in 2005 due to a last resort to save a beloved pet from euthanasia. Driven by a clear love for their pets they have formulated specific products to keep your pet happy and healthier for longer. From her experience as a naturopath Jacqueline the director has derived products to solve countless conditions in your pets life from skin, stomach, eye and ear conditions. 

Natural Animal Solution products contain only the highest quality ingredients sourced from everywhere around the globe to provide you with the ulitmate products to help your furry friend. Being all natural also is a significant factor as to why these products are so popular in the market place today. 


Why Choose Natural Animal Solutions? 

Skin Range- The range includes Dermal cream and oil which contain a specific blend of essential skin nutrients which combined with plant extracts and natural ingredients including aloe  vera, omega oils and rosemary extract to prevent skin irritations and also to help minor wounds. 

Joint Range- Natural Animal Solutions contains broad range joint care support containing key ingredients within Gel capsules which can be administered with ease. Products including Osteoforte can be used to relieve athritis pain, reduce imflammation and increase joint mobility. 

Ear & Eye Range- 100% safe for cats and dogs, Natural animal solutions ear & eye range is free from detergents, foaming agents & sticky oils procifing an irritant free formulation perfect for treating bacterial and fungal problems while also can be used as a soothing agent. 

Medicine Range- Formulated with proven ingredients, Natural Animal Solutions medicine range contains high grade nutraceutical grade formulation to assist in condiitons such as nervous tension, stress, anxiety and respiratory discomfort. 

Grooming Range- Contains over products which include soap free moisturing shampos, natural cleansers and rosemary and chamolile scents. Using quality formulated ingredients will leave your pet's coat shiny, soft and easily brushable.