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Natural Health Experts

In 2010, Blackmores bought Pure Animal Wellbeing (PAW) and created the Blackmores animal health division. Originally created by a veterinarian, the PAW natural healthcare range for pets continues to be developed by Australian vets to continually deliver, clinically proven products that provide you with the solutions you need for your pet’s health. As you have come to expect from Blackmores, the PAW range of animal health care products are made of only the finest quality, naturally based ingredients chosen for their purity and their compatibility with cats and dogs.

Inspired by nature:

Combining Blackmores 80 years’ experience with the passion of PAW founder Dr. Alister Webster, Paw by Blackmores delivers proven natural healthcare products for your dog and cat, ultimately, providing you with a range of natural products you can trust.

Who is Dr. Webster?

Dr. Alister Webster is the founder of Pure Animal Wellbeing (PAW) and is a third-generation vet. During his time in practice, Dr. Webster noticed that more pet owners, aware of the benefits of using natural medicines for themselves, were seeking the same for their pets. In response to this growing demand, Dr. Webster spent 4 years developing and researching natural alternatives for dog and cat wellbeing.

Would you expect anything less?

The PAW range reflects Blackmores continuing commitment to be the leaders in natural healthcare. Paw by Blackmores cares about animals and their wellbeing and they pride themselves on developing products that not only use the latest technology and science to maximise the wellbeing of your dog and cat but that they can continue to also use premium quality, natural ingredients.

With a range that includes, dog and puppy shampoo and conditioner, coat mists, chews for dogs that aid in joint care and anxiety and a wound care range, the Paw by Blackmores range offers a complete pet healthcare solution.

The PAW range has always, and will continue to focus on products that:

·         Maintain pet health and wellbeing

·         Use certified organic and locally grown ingredients whenever it is possible

·         Improve the longevity and quality of life of dogs and cats in both Australia and internationally

·         Help treat and manage specific health conditions

·         Avoid the use of excessive packaging and will use recyclable containers wherever possible