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Trouble & Trix Litter

Something For Every Feline

Masterpet have crafted an extensive range of Trouble And Trix Cat Litter to suit every feline. Whether you are looking for crystal, clay or natural litters, Trouble & Trix has a product suitable to meet the needs of your cat. As we all know when it comes to cat litter, cats can be very fussy which is why each of the products in the range has a different texture, shape, and scent to attract any picky feline to do their business on the same spot every time.

Crystal Or Clumping?

Trouble & Trix have produced both a Lavender scented crystal and clumping litter, which are the two most popular products in their range. But you may be asking what is the difference between these two litters? Both products have their advantages and disadvantages and it often can come down to the personal preference of your cat.

Crystal Litter is super light and low tracking which means it is almost dust free, resulting in less tracking of the particles of litter which can come with the cat once they finish up in their litter tray. Crystal litter also has great absorbency which means great odour control while also being very hygienic meaning it is less likely for mould and bacteria to grow.  

Clumping Litter, on the other hand, is highly absorbent and it forms solid clumps which make it very easy to clean as you simply scoop the urine or faeces out of their litter tray keeping the rest of the litter clean and odour free. The Trouble & Trix range carries both of these litters with a fresh lavender scent.

Eco-Friendly Litter

Are you after something more natural and beneficial to the environment? Trouble & Trix offer natural pellets which are completely biodegradable and eco-friendly in an easy to use pellet form. Pellets are a great alternative to the more popular textures as they are virtually dust free and produce little tracking mess while being non-toxic and flushable after use.

Being one of the most popular products on the market, the positive reviews speak for themselves, shop the entire Trouble And Trix Cat Litter range at Net To Pet today.