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In 1984, after 8 years research into the nutritional and energetic requirements of native birds, in particular honeyeaters and lorikeets, Wombaroo Food Products was born. The team at Wombaroo have gone on to develop milk replacers for native and exotic animals and have supplied specialised bird foods and milk replacers to zoos and endangered animal recovery programs around the world.

The Wombaroo Range

Wombaroo offers an extensive range of milk replacers, bird foods and supplements.

Milk Replacers: The milk produced by different mammals is comprised uniquely to nourish their own young which is why cow’s milk is not always the best option for young mammals that have been orphaned or whose mother is unable to feed them. The Wombaroo milk replacer range includes alpaca, cat, dog, guinea pig, horse, rabbit and sheep.

Bird Foods: The Wombaroo development team has spent years developing native bird foods that match the nutritional and energetic requirement of a variety of species and offers the following for bird breeders and keepers: Avian Delights, Complete Lorikeet mix, Crumbles, Finch Soft Food, parrot Pellets, Parrot Soft Food and Red Factor Canary Seed.

Supplements: While every effort is made to provide the animals we care for with a balanced diet, sometimes it is the case that the animals in our care may need supplements in their diet. Wombaroo food products have developed the following: Impact Colostrum, Liquid Gold (a calcium supplement for birds), The Good Oil for Animals and The Good Oil for Birds (Omega 3 & 6 blends)


Whether you are in need of a milk replacer for newborn puppies and kittens, an orphaned joey kangaroo, Wombaroo is a trusted name worldwide and with the research and passion behind the development of products, Womabroo can be trusted by you too.


Where is Wombaroo Made?

Wombaroo Products are proudly Australian and is located in South Australia.