Flea And Worming

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Fleas and ticks are a pain to deal with for both pets and pet owners. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for the moment of infection to begin treating fleas and ticks. A preventative treatment, taken all year round, is the best way to stop your cat from having to suffer those periods of constant scratching and irritation. Waiting for infection to happen is stressful to both you and your cat, and the infection can spread to your household and wreak havoc. Prevention is key to both you and your pet enjoying the warmer months with no worries!

Flea and tick infection can be prevented by both topical and oral medications to stop the insects from growing and developing on your cat’s skin. Topical applications are recommended for kitties who may not be able to handle oral medications. We also stock Frontline Spray, which can easily be used to inhibit growth of fleas and ticks. At Net to Pet we have treatments and preventatives not only for just fleas and ticks, but also for heartworm, so both you and your cat can look forward to a healthy and scratch-free year.

It’s not just the pets we care about at Net to Pet, but the owners too. That’s why we offer free delivery Australia wide on orders over $49, no matter how far out you may be. We also stock only the best, most trusted brands, because we know that pet owners want to ensure they’ve always got the best interests of their loved ones at mind. Shop with us now and see why we’re a favourite amongst pet owners.