Wet Cat Food

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Not every kitty can handle dry cat food, and not every owner wants to feed it to their pet. At Net to Pet we have a huge range of wet cat food to let your kitty enjoy premium cat food while you enjoy budget prices. We have nutritionally rich, delicious wet cat food that looks almost good enough to eat yourself!

Wet cat food is important because it ensures your pet is getting the adequate water and nutrition it needs. Remember, pets don’t live on human diets, so it’s important they get the ingredients and proteins necessary to keep them living a long and energetic life. Net to Pet will make sure your kitty gets those proteins they need, with beef, chicken, fish, turkey, and even lamb meals available.

We also know that all cats are different, so we stock wet cat food to suit a number of issues such as age, sensitive stomachs, and weight gain. It’s two in one - you’re feeding your cat a healthy, holistic meal while also tackling and keeping any other issues at bay. You want to make sure your cat is always getting the right meals to keep its energy and temperament in check, and you can trust the brands we sell at Net to Pet to be just what the doctor ordered.

At Net to Pet we deliver all over Australia, so your cat could be feasting on these meals in no time. Simply add the items you want to cart and proceed to checkout to finalise your order. Best of all, shipping is free on purchases over $99, so get stocking up on that food!