Cat Worming Treatments

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Intestinal worms are a common infection in cats, particularly tapeworm and roundworms. These infections can sometimes spread to humans, and although it’s extremely rare, could have serious health risks. That’s why worm prevention and control is extremely important for your cat - not only for their health and wellbeing but for yours as well. While some cats won’t show any signs of infection, the most common symptoms to look out for with intestinal worms are diarrhoea, vomiting, and weight loss.

The best time to worm your cat is while they’re still young, to encourage proper prevention. At Net to Pet we have a range of worming products that will keep infections at bay and let your cat live a healthy, full life. Our worming products are suitable for cats of all ages and sizes, including pregnant and lactating cats. To read more about how to use a product, or more detail, simply click through for more information.

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