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With a wide range of grooming items on the market, picking what your dog requires can be daunting. No matter the breed, all dogs need the basics including shampoo, conditioner, a nail trimmer, and a brush. Dogs with coats requiring more maintenance might also need hair clippers, de-shedding tools, and medicated products for sensitive skin.

Shampoo and conditioner are absolute necessities in dog care. Bathing your dog routinely can keep parasites at bay and soothe irritated skin. Choose a shampoo and conditioner for the type of fur your dog has, using sensitive formulas for those who have skin irritation.

Every dog needs a brush and there are many to choose from. Metal bristle brushes are great for dogs with short or long coats. Nylon bristles are best for dogs with short coats or as a follow up after using a metal bristle on long coats.

Some dogs require more grooming than others. De-shedding tools can help to remove the undercoat on dogs, ending the massive shedding of certain breeds. Dogs with sensitive skin may also need additional oils to soothe the irritation and prevent infection of the skin. Your veterinarian can help you decide which product is best for your individual dog.