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When it comes to food and water, our pets expect the best. Stainless steel bowls meet that requirement. Steel bowls are easy to wash by hand or run through a dishwasher. Unlike plastic, stainless steel bowls do not harbour bacteria in tiny cracks and crevices. Due to stainless steel’s resistance to breaking, they are durable enough to last for years. While ceramic has become a popular choice, it can crack and chip causing your dog to ingest sharp pieces. Ceramic bowls require more maintenance than a stainless steel option. 

When picking out your pet’s food bowl, consider purchasing one that will stop ants and other insects from crawling into them. No one, including your dog, wants to find a bug in their food!

Another delightful feature of a great food bowl is a non-skid bottom. This prevents your dog from chasing his dinner around the house and puts a stop to water spills as the bowl moves across the floor.

When choosing a bowl, make sure to buy one large enough for your dog’s snout to move comfortably around in it. Depending on the height of the bowl walls, it may be necessary to purchase one size for your puppy and another for when your dog is full-grown.

One final consideration for your dog’s bowl is the height it is placed at. Dogs should be able to stand at the bowl with their head and spine level. Bending to the floor can cause shoulder joints to ache. Uncomfortable eating positions encourage your dog to eat quickly, resulting in upset stomachs and bloating.