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With so many foods on the market, picking just one seems impossible. With a few key considerations, you can narrow down the options to find the perfect one. Your dog’s age, activity level, and allergies are the most important factors when picking out food.

The age of your dog is crucial to deciding which food to purchase. Puppy, Adult, and Senior formulas are all targeted to provide for the nutritional needs of the specified life stage. While the serving sizes listed may appear to be similar, each formula has different calorie counts and nutritional supplements. Unless specified by your dog’s veterinarian, you should feed the correct formula based on age.

Maintaining an appropriate weight is essential to your dog’s health. Dogs with low activity levels need food targeted for weight management, active dogs need extra calories, and overweight dogs need food intended for weight loss. While feeding less food may achieve weight loss, your dog will also be getting less vitamins crucial to their health. It is always best to purchase food that is intended for your pet’s current needs.

Your dog’s allergies are also a factor in choosing a food. Even if your dog is allergy free, you may consider any that are common to your dog’s breed since allergies can be developed at any age. Dogs allergic to grains need a grain-free food and dogs allergic to beef will need another protein option such as chicken. There are also hypoallergenic foods designed to avoid common allergens. No matter the allergy, there is a food available.