Dog Odour Remover & Stain Remover

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When it comes to dogs, messes are a fact of life. Having the necessary cleaning items on hand will allow you to take care of those accidents and get back to playing fetch. Using a standard household cleaner is not effective at permanently removing the smell or stains left behind by pet waste. A dog’s sense of smell is much stronger than a human nose so any remaining odour will entice the dog back to the area when they need to go.

There are many formulas on the market that can help to rid your home of pungent stains and odours. Some formulas are specifically designed for carpet or wood flooring and others are multipurpose. If your stains are set-in, you may need to find a formula that is made for that purpose.

If you have a steam cleaning machine, there are formulas approved for use in the machines that are specifically designed to handle pet waste stains and odour.

After picking out a stain and odour remover, make sure to test the product on a small section of the area you will be applying it. Since these formulas are designed to remove heavy smells, they may cause discoloration on surfaces.

If your dog continues to return to the area repeatedly, it may be advisable to get an anti-pee spray to keep them away from that spot.