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Travelling with your dog can be an enjoyable adventure. When hitting the open road, it is important to have the proper accessories so you can enjoy the world with your canine companion without all the stress.

Using a crate when sleeping in unfamiliar accommodations can greatly reduce the anxiety your dog feels by providing a sense of home. Placing their favourite bedding and toys into the crate ensures the comfort and safety dogs need when travelling. Crates reduce the likelihood that your dog spends the night waking up your hotel neighbours with barking. Crates also prevent unwanted potty accidents in a new environment by keeping the mess off hotel carpeting.

Humans use seatbelts when riding in a car, make sure your dog is doing the same. With numerous seatbelts available, you can find one that works with your current harness and seatbelt latch. Make sure to read the harnessing directions carefully to prevent injury during an accident.

For dogs that experience motion sickness, travel can be dreadful. Using a natural motion sickness supplement can greatly reduce your dog's nausea when in the car. When purchasing a motion sickness supplement, choose one that uses natural ingredients and does not cause drowsiness. Test new supplements before travelling to ensure your dog does not have an adverse reaction to them.

When travelling with your dog, carrying around bulky metal food bowls can be burdensome. Travel bowls fold flat and can be easily carried while on a walk through the woods or packed into a suitcase. They are easy to clean, wash with mild soap and water and allow them to air dry.