Dog Treats

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Dogs are more than just animals; they are a member of the family. Feeding treats to your dog shows them how much you love them and can provide bonding moments between parent and pet. After a day away from your dog, giving a treat can feel as great as a warm hug.

There are a wide variety of treats that will benefit the dental health of your dog. These treats are designed to be chewed for an extended period of time and help to scrape plaque off your dog’s teeth. Picking out a dental treat is easy- no matter which flavour you pick, your dog will thank you.

Treats can be used with a training program to help focus your dog when giving commands. Once your dog has exhibited the desired behaviour on command, giving them a treat will reinforce that correct behaviour. Treats used during training routines need to be a reward item and should be something they do not receive during other times of the day. These treats should also be small since you will need many of them throughout the day.

While giving treats is a great training tool and an expression of love for your dog, it is important to avoid overfeeding treats. Picking out treats with quality ingredients can help to avoid unhealthy weight gain. With the help of your veterinarian you can determine how many treats you should be feeding each day.