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Horse Shampoo

A horse’s pride and joy is their beautiful coat and tail, and as an owner that’s likely to be your pride and joy too. At Net to Pet we have a huge range of horse shampoos to keep that mane healthy, glossy, and shiny while also combating yeast and bacteria to keep the coat fresh and clean. We have shampoos and protein conditioners to keep your horse's coat in top condition at all time, rinsing away dirt and dust while also adding silky smooth feel. We also have shampoos to remove those stubborn grass, dirt, and manure stains and marks from your horse's coat, mane, and tail while visibly brightening its colour.

We know shampoos aren’t all about making your horse’s coat glossy and shiny, and for those troublesome moments we stock medicated shampoos to treat bacterial and fungal skin infections while also killing microorganisms, removing allergens, and keeping yeast and bacteria manageable. We’re all about keeping your horse looking good and keeping your proud, but also maintaining the health and vitality from inside out. Best of all, we offer free shipping Australia-wide on all orders over $49, so stock up on the different shampoos and conditioners so you’re prepared for any moment. Browse our range now and spoil your beloved horse!