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Horse Fly Repellent

Flies, insects, and other pests can cause a lot of discomfort for horses, particularly when they bite. As horses are always enjoying the great outdoors, there’s always a chance of being bitten by flies and other pests, and the best way to alleviate the issue is with horse fly repellants. At Net to Pet we have a range of horse fly repellants to help keep fleas and flies at bay, as well as antiseptics and creams to help heal wounds and prevent infections from occurring or spreading.

Medicated oils can prevent the formation of excess granulation tissue and repel flies from wounds, while Repel X is an insecticide that will keep fleas, flies, mossies, and other pests at bay. Septicide is an antispectic that can be used on wounds, encouraging healing by preventing wounds from drying out while also keeping insects away to prevent infection. We also have general repellants like Flygon, which can control fleas and lice while also being low irritant.

At Net to Pet we know how important your horse is to you, and that’s why we stock products from Australia’s most trusted brands. Make sure your horse is happy, healthy, and living a full life and browse our full range today.