PAW Digesticare 60 Powder for Dogs & Cats 150g

PAW Digesticare 60 Powder for Dogs & Cats 150g

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Diarrhoea? Constipation? Flatulence? Intestinal Dysfunction? Immature Digestive System? IS YOUR PET GETTING ENOUGH GOOD BACTERIA? PAW DigestiCare 60_ is a new and improved multi-stain, multi-specie probiotic and wholefood powder for the maintenance of everyday digestive health of dogs, cats and other companion animals. To maintain a healthy digestive system. To improve and restore a healthy intestinal balance. For pets with poor digestion. For pets who have been prescribed antibiotics (post). For puppies & kittens to provide a balanced intestinal microflora early in life. For pets suffering from stress. For pets changing environment (traveling, change of diet, boarding kennel_). For healthy pets as a maintenance product.

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Dose rate are: Puppies / Kittens _ 2g/day Small Dogs _ 2g/day Medium Dogs _ 4g/day Large Dogs_ 6g/day Cats _ 2g/day Other companion animals (rabbits, guinea pigs_) _ Up to 2g/day in feed. It is made specifically for pets and for your specie (dog, cat). Probiotic formulas used by humans are developed specifically to fortify the bacterial species found in the human GI tract, however pets have specific strains of bacteria unique to them. It has enough live organism (potency) per dose to colonise the gut. CFU stands for colony forming units, which is the measure of live microbes in a probiotic. A maintenance dose of 50 million CFU / dose or more is recommended. It has a number of different strains (7) of beneficial bacteria. Probiotics are identified by their specie or strain. Different strains can have different effects. Think of a strain the way you would think about a breed of dog. All dogs are the same specie, but different breeds (strains) are good for different purpose. Like all Blackmores products it is quality tested to meet label claims. It is registered with the APVMA as a medicated stock feed. It is palatable and easy to give to pets. It also includes a scoop. It delivers additional health benefits via naturally fermented organic whole foods.

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