Royal Canin Puppy Food

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As your puppy grows, their nutritional needs can change over time which is why Royal Canin Puppy Food provides optimal solutions specifically designed to transition puppies from feeding from their mother up to an adult life stage where they are able to be independent when it comes to feeding time. Whether they are in the mini, medium, maxi or giant weight range Royal Canin have designed products to fit their size making sure their specific nutritional needs and demands are met.

From puppy to adulthood energy requirements, positive immune support and digestive development is vital for your puppy’s growth. With the correct puppy food and care, you can make sure your puppies life gets off to an awesome start. Don’t how to choose the correct formula for your puppy friend? An optimal formula designed for growth should take into account various options – their size, breed, age, unique conditions i.e. sensitive skin and stomach or particular features of their breed. Whilst meeting these requirements Royal Canin puppy food contain all the necessary nutritional requirements including proteins, lipids and carbohydrates while also being packed full of vitamins and minerals.

Whether you are feeding them Royal Canin dry or wet food, there are feeding tips that you can utilise keeping them happy and healthy for longer while providing them with all the nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle. The number of meals per day depends on the age they are currently at. Staring off with four days is optimal before reducing to three and finally two at the midpoint of their puppy growth stage. Be sure to check the feeding guidelines on the side of your bag in order to provide them with the correct portion of food. This reduces problems such as overfeeding which can lead to excessive weight gain which can lead to future problems down the line including obesity in adult life and joint and bone issues in large breed puppies and adults. If you are looking to change to Royal Canin Puppy Food it is also critically important to transition your puppy slowly away from their previous food when changing their diet. This can be done in stages e.g. The first day feed them three quarters of their old food and a quarter of the new kibble and slowly wean them off their old food throughout the week.