Di Vetelact

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Di Vetelact

It is rarely someone’s plan to feed a newborn animal from birth, but sometimes, for a variety of reasons, this is what breeders, farmers and wild life rescuers are faced with.

Di Vetelact is a milk supplement powder for animals, that is low in lactose, and is an ideal milk replacer for mammals that have been weaned early or orphaned and can be used as a general supplement for pregnant or lactating animals. The lactose component of Divetelact has been converted to glucose and galactose which are both easily digestible and which makes it 95% lactose free.

Which animals can be fed on this product?

As the Di Vetelact formula is 95% lactose free, it is a suitable milk substitute for lambs, calves, foals, piglets, kittens, puppies, kids, crias and both furless and furred native Australian mammals and marsupials.

What is it made of?

The milk replacement formula is made from lactose hydrolysed skim and whole milk solids, dried vegetable oils, dextrose, dried glucose solids, casinates, lecithin, mineral, taurine, vitamins, mixed tocopherols and emulsifiers, with 60% of the protein coming from whey protein.

How do I know how much to feed my baby animal?

The tin comes with a comprehensive feeding guide which provides you with the recommended number of feeds per day as well as the recommended volume for each feed for each species.

Di Vetelact is available in 3 convenient sizes: 375g, 900g and 5kgs.