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Eukanuba Dog Food

Dog food with a unique history

Eukanuba dog food is a super-premium dog food, renowned for using only high-quality ingredients in its uniquely customised formulas. In 1969, after creating a dog food formula of such quality that it was unmatched by anything on the market, the founder of Eukanuba set about to decide upon a name that was as special as the dog food he had created. He looked back through recent history and came across the word Eukanuba (pronounced “You-Kan-Noo-Bah”). This word evolved during the 1940’s when Jazz was evolving and was a word that was reserved for only the best of something or something that was considered to be of supreme quality. The founder felt that this word summed up his dog food formula perfectly and Eukanuba dog food was born.


Eukanuba: Their promise to you

The team at Eukanuba insist on using only the highest quality ingredients with animal-based protein that has been passed as fit for human consumption. The Eukanuba philosophy is to only use high quality animal-based proteins (like fish, egg, chicken etc.) as the primary protein source and you can rest assured that before you even open the bag of Eukanuba you have purchased, there have been over 120 quality assurance tests conducted on the food inside. Testing of the ingredients starts with the producer and continues right through the manufacturing process.


Why the focus on protein?

Protein is an important part of a dog’s diet as it contains essential amino acids that are crucial for cell production and it promotes a healthy immune system and assists in the development of muscle. Without enough protein, dogs can develop a range of health problems. Dogs will appear lethargic, their coats will look dull & lifeless and their immune systems will struggle to fight off diseases. This is why Eukanuba are so passionate about using animal-based proteins across their entire range of dog food.


Food for all life stages

With over 40 years experience in the manufacturing of super premium dog foods, Eukanuba has an extensive range that covers all dogs at all stage of their lives, from small breed puppy food, to large breed adult dog food, sensitive skin dog food, sensitive digestion dog food, and specialty breed specific food for Labradors and German Shepherds, Eukanuba has a dog food suitable for your furry friend.

Eukanuba offers dry dog food and wet dog food, with wet food flavours that include, chicken & vegetable stew, lamb & rice and mixed grill chicken & beef dinner in gravy Eukanuba will have a flavour that will be sure to excite your dog’s taste buds, but also deliver a well-balanced, nutritious meal made from the finest ingredients available.