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Royal Canin Dog Food and Cat Food

Royal Canin is an international leader in healthy pet nutrition. Their mission? To learn from the pets they feed through observation, respect and recognising their differences. The goal of Royal Canin is to ensure that every dog and every cat is provided with the nutritional requirements that are precisely right for the individual’s needs. Royal Canin recognises that the needs of your dog or cat will vary depending on their breed, age, digestion, and weight and that is why they have become so well known for their breed specific dog and cat food.

Royal Canin, for all ages and all breeds

Offering a range of kitten food, puppy food, cat food and dog food, Royal Canin has not only created balanced diets for the life stages of your pet, but they have also gone one step further and developed optimum formulas for a variety of breeds of both dogs and cats. Whether you have a Chihuahua, Pug, Golden Retriever, German Shepard or Rottweiler (to name only a few or the specialty lines), Royal Canin has formulated a meticulously tested and precisely combined recipe to aid in the overall health of the specific breed you are buying for.

Don’t own one of these breeds of dog? Not to worry, Royal Canin also offers dog food for small, medium and large dogs, puppies and mature dogs, as well dogs that may need a little help with their weight.

Cat owners, do not stress! Royal Canin has not forgotten about your beloved feline! With the same attention to detail, a comprehensive range of cat and kitten food is also available. Royal Canin cat food has designed completely balanced recipes that include kitten food through to mature cats as well as indoor cat food, oral care, hairball and lightweight options, as well as specific breed formulas for British Shorthair cats, Maine Coon cats, Siamese and Persian cats as well.

Through their desire to completely understand the pets they are feeding, Royal Canin has developed an understanding of the nature of cats and has developed their range of wet cat foods to appeal to the fussiest of felines with their wet cat food being available as a jelly or gravy texture.

Premium Nutrition For Everyone

Royal Canin offers premium food options for your dog and cat throughout their entire range of dry dog and cat food as well as throughout their wet dog and cat food range. With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing dog food, there is little wonder that Royal Canin has managed to establish themselves as one of Australia’s favourite premium dog and cat food brands.