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Seresto is a unique collar which has the longest flea and tick protection for dogs through a breakthrough formulation which protects your dog from fleas for up to 8 months and ticks for 4 months. Not only does Seresto kill adult fleas but also flea larvae in their surrounding for up to 8 months. As everyone in Australia knows ticks can be fatal which is why this flea and tick collar kills a variety of ticks including the deadly paralysis tick as well as both brown and bush ticks. Diseases can be passed onto your pet through the flea and tick biting your pet which is why Seresto avoids this being an issue as it kills these nasties without them biting saving them from potentially severe diseases keeping them happy and healthy.

How Does it work?

Using innovative technology and years of scientific research, this flea and tick collar slowly releases controlled doses of the active ingredients imidacloprid and flumethrin to kill both fleas and ticks effectively and efficiently and also allows maximum safety and long term efficacy in your dog. The active ingredients migrate into the lipid layer of the skin which unlike other products it allows your dog to enjoy the water without losing the collars effectiveness. As your dog sheds their hair throughout the day, a small amount of the actives remain on these hairs which is enough to kill flea larvae in your dog's surroundings. 


Is it easy to use?
Trust us when we say Seresto is easy to use on your dog, simply put the collar on like a normal walking collar and cut off the excess collar for an optimal fit. This collar can be worn alongside normal collars and even includes a release mechanism for extra safety to avoid the collar being caught on objects. Did you know Seresto is also safe to use on puppies from the age of 7 weeks.


Is there Seresto For Cats?

There sure is! Seresto for cats eliminates both adult fleas and flea larvae for up to 8 months leaving you flea free and in turn stress free knowing there is a product out there killing fleas without the need of them biting which can cause diseases. This collar has also overcome the challenge of traditional flea collars to be odourless which your cat will love you for. This product is safe for kittens over the age of 10 weeks which makes it the perfect product all the way through their life.