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Cats are renowned for their ability to keep themselves well groomed most times, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t step in every once in awhile to give them a good scrub and wash up. Especially if you have a long haired cat, then you know what trouble it can be to keep them looking presentable! Using the appropriate tools and products can make grooming your cat a whole lot more pleasant and easy, for both you and the little kitty. Best of all, it could mean you have to do it less often.

At Net to Pet we have cat grooming accessories to make the job easy for you, and pleasant for your kitty at the same time. We have everything from cat shampoos, thinning and grooming scissors, nail clippers, face combs, deshedding tools and more. For those who are environmentally and health conscious, we have natural and herbal shampoos, as well as gentle formulas that won’t be too harsh on your kitty’s skin.

We know being a pet owner is hard work, and that’s why at Net to Pet, we seek to make the job easier for you. We’ve searched long and hard for the finest pet products from the most trusted brands available, so you can have peace of mind that when you shop with us, you’re doing what’s best for your pet. We deliver all over Australia, and if your purchases amount to over $49*, shipping is free! So get browsing today and see our whole range online!