Litter Trays For Cats

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Kitty litter isn’t the most pleasant part of owning a cat, and you want to make sure you have the best equipment available to seal odours and make cleanup easy. At Net to Pet we have a huge range of both cat litter trays and cat litter to suit everyone from the environmentally conscious to the not so fussy.

We have cat litter tray packs that come with all the necessary accessories involved in kitty litter, saving you the trouble of having to purchase all the items separately (and making sure nothing is forgotten!) We also stock a large range of kitty litter and cat litter trays separately, so you can mix and match and change the type of litter you buy as you please.

At Net to Pet we’re all about the best interests of everyone’s favourite family member - the pet. That’s why we seek to stock only the best and most trusted brands on the market, to give our customers a peace of mind that we have their pets’ best interests at heart. Shopping with us is easy, simply add to cart and proceed to checkout to make your purchase. We’ll deliver to any address in Australia, so what’s stopping you? Browse now!