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From beginnings inside a small garage to become one of Australia’s leading premium food brands, Black Hawk are known for making affordable food for your dog or cat without subsidising nutrition. Being holistic Black Hawk contains only real proteins, real vegetables without containing fillers which can be found elsewhere. Each bag of food contains the unique ingredient, emu oil. This oil is high in both omega oils and protein which promotes a healthy, shiny skin and coat.

Black Hawk caters for both your dog and cat, taking into account puppies, kittens, large breeds and many more. The Black Hawk range was developed with their optimal-well-being in mind through a thorough search for high quality ingredients which will only benefit their health and get rid of any nasties that had no nutritional benefit to your pet.

There is something for every canine with Black Hawk dog food catering for your puppy or your Great Dane with specific life stage sizes. Each bag is packed full of delicious flavours including fish, potato and chicken leaving them well-nourished for longer.

Realising cat’s mouths are much smaller Black Hawk dry cat food contain smaller shaped kibble full of seafood and chicken leaving the fussiest of felines licking their bowl clean.