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Horses are beautiful creatures and if you own a horse, you want to make sure it’s happy and healthy under your care at all times. At Net to Pet we know you want only the best for your horse so that they can live a full life with maximum energy and vitality, and so we stock a range of products to help you care for your horse as best as you can. We have horse shampoos to keep that coat glossy and shiny and full of life, repellants to help prevent illness and infection, and horse supplements and vitamins to make sure your beloved pet is thriving and healthy.

We know that owning a horse is hard work, and we’ve tried to make it easy for you by stocking only the most premium products from Australia’s most trusted brands, so you know you’re only getting the best for you and your horse. We’ve also tried to make shopping easy for you by combining all you need in the one place, so you never forget anything important. Best of all, we offer free shipping Australia-wide on all orders over $49, so you can stock up on all you need to keep that horse happy and healthy without breaking the bank. Browse through our range and keep your horse well looked after.