Dry Cat Food

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Keep your cat’s belly full with dry cat food from Net to Pet. We have a huge range of different dry cat food from leading Aussie brands you can trust. Not everyone is into the idea of feeding their cats wet food, and at Net to Pet we have dry cat food that is still packed with the nutrients and ingredients necessary to keep your cat with a happy belly and full of energy.

We understand that every cat is different, with different dietary requirements and tastes, and so is every owner. That’s why we stock dry cat food in both premium and budget brands, to satisfy a range of criteria and needs. We have meals that will stop your cat from packing on the weight, as well healthy, holistic dry cat food that’s like a superfood for your pet. As your cat gets a little older, it won’t be able to digest its food as easily, and so we have special food made for mature cats that will be easy on the stomach.

And your cat can get their protein fix from a range of different options, with chicken, salmon, fish, kangaroo, and poultry meals available. Best of all, at Net to Pet we stock all of your trusted, favourite brands so you know exactly what you’re buying every time. We've got dry cat food from brands such as Advance, Eukanuba, IAMS, Vets All Natural, Science Diet, and more, so there’s bound to be a meal and option that’s perfect for you and your kitty. Get browsing now!