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Royal Canin is the market leader when it comes to providing premium quality diets whether it be for your dog or cat. Specifically tailored to meet the nutritional needs of your furry friend through their lives by providing only the best ingredients on offer.

Through over forty years of scientific research Royal Canin have produced unique formulation specifically designed for multiple life stages including puppies, kittens and ageing dogs and cats. Different breed types have unique needs and requirements which is why there is a large range of breed bags including Labrador Retrievers and Persians.

Everyone knows how fussy cats can be which is why Royal Canin Cat Food caters for this through different sized kibble shaped all the way through to different aromas made to please their senses making it the perfect choice for those fussy felines! Finding a suitable complete and balanced diet for your canine can be a struggle, Royal Canin dog food range takes the struggles out of feeding through providing an expansive range which tailors for weight, lifestyle, breed, age and special needs allowing you to spend more time on the things you love.

Net to Pet stocks the entire range of Royal Canin so you we pleased to know you will have no trouble finding the right food for your dog and cat as their expansive range provides optimal health and wellbeing for your pet.