Training And Clean Up

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As much as we love our pets, they can wreak havoc on our fabrics, carpets, and furniture, not only by scratching but by leaving behind urine stains! Not only that, but they might also occasionally smell a little less than desirable. While most households will have a designated litter box for their cat to go ‘toilet’ in, they are animals after all and mistakes can be made! If we’re domesticating cats in our household then we’ve got to take the right precautionary measures to keep ourselves protected from stains and bad smells. You can’t blame your kitty for not going to the toilet in the right spot, and you surely can’t blame them for smelling the way they do, so you really only have yourself to blame if you’re not prepared!

At Net to Pet we have cat stain and odour eliminators that will stifle the smell of cat pee and ensure it doesn’t leave behind a nasty stain on your fabrics and furniture. There’s no need for stress or panic the next time your cat accidentally goes in the wrong spot, simply spray the stain with Urine Off or Urine Free and it’ll be good as new.

There’s a reason why we’re a favourite amongst pet owners. We stock only premium, trusted brands and products that we know both you and your pet will love. We also make shopping easy, with fast delivery to any address in Australia. Best of all, if your order is over $49 then we’ll ship for free! So get browsing and see how much easier we can make pet ownership for you.