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Just as we take measures to keep ourselves healthy, the same must be done for our pets! Prevention is the best method to keep your pets healthy and living a long life, and is also a great way to help you save on extensive vet bills when illness strikes. Prepare for the future and make sure your cat gets all the nutrition it needs to live a healthy and energetic life.

At Net to Pet we have a range of cat supplements in a range of different specialties, from vitamin C to goat milk pwder and seaweed. We have products to keep your cat’s coat nice and shiny, and supplements to help with digestion and promote calmness. We also stock refills in some supplements, so you don’t have to dish out the same amount each time.

We’re all about the pets and pet owners here at Net to Pet, and that’s why we continue to grow in popularity amongst animal lovers. We work hard to source the best items from the most trusted brands, and we want to make them accessible to you. That’s why shopping with us is easy online. Simply add an item to cart and go to checkout to finalise your order. From there, delivery is fast and easy and we’ll ship to any address in Australia!