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Give your kitty a restful night’s sleep with cat bedding from Net to Pet. A good, comfortable, wholesome sleep is exactly what your cat needs to keep it well behaved over the course of the next day. While a lot of pet owners don’t mind letting their kitty into bed with them at night, there are also a lot out there who’d prefer not to wake up with cat hair all over their sheets!

At Net to Pet we have both wire crates and futons, suitable for all cats and home environments. Our Snooza futon comes in a mini and original size, so if your cat can enjoy super comfy bedding that can custom fit their bodies. The Snooza futons also come in a wide range of colours, so you can complement the colour scheme of your home or simply pick a colour that your cat loves to be around. We also have wire crates in a range of different sizes, suitable for kitties of all ages and sizes. Crates are the best way for your cat to enjoy a nap while on the go.

We know how passionate pet owners can be about the wellbeing of their pets, and that’s why we seek to stock the best pet products at Net to Pet. We want to make your job easier, so you can jump on our site and find everything you need in the one spot. We ship our products all over Australia, from the country to the outback, and delivery is free on orders over $49. What’s stopping you? Browse our range now!