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Dog beds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. A great bed can improve the quality of life for your dog. Considerations when picking a bed include the size and mobility of your dog, climate, materials, and cleaning.

Dog beds offer a variety of heights. Beds designed for the floor are convenient for small and medium sized dogs. A raised bed for large dogs can significantly reduce the stress on joints. The location of the bed is also a factor in deciding what to buy. If the bed is being used outdoors, a raised bed will prevent water and debris from collecting. 

When picking out materials for your dog bed, it is important to factor in the climate of the area. A furry bed in a warm climate will cause dogs to avoid the bed. Polyester filling is affordable while providing warmth in cold climates. Memory foam filling provides a thick layer of padding that can soothe arthritic joints in older dogs. Foam is also ideal for regulating body temperature in warmer climates.

The ease of cleaning your dog bed can mean the difference between buying a new bed or simply washing the one you’ve already purchased. Polyester filling bunches up in a washing machine so beds with zippers are ideal for restuffing when needed. Memory foam beds typically come with zippers since the foam should avoid going in a washing machine. Another option for easy cleaning is a bed made out of stain and water repellent materials.

Whichever bed you purchase, your dog will thank you for the comfortable napping spot after a long day of playing.