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Keep your kitty busy, well fed, and entertained with Net to Pet’s huge range of cat food, treats, accessories, treatments, and toys. We’ve got products for all kinds of kitties and owners, from the energetic to the lethargic. Don’t waste time looking at different specialty pet stores - everything you need to take care of your pet, from birth to old age, is right here at your fingertips.

We’ve got cat food - both wet and dry, premium and budget - as well as delicious treats to help keep your kitty well behaved. We’ve also got a great range of grooming supplies and accessories, so you can keep your cat looking in tip top shape as they roam around the neighbourhood. And you can keep your kitty fit, healthy, and taken care of with our cat treatments, supplements, and flea and tick prevention treatments.

Then there are all the little essentials - kitty litter and trays, collars and leads, bowls, beds, and scratching posts - and you can rest easy knowing we’ve got a great range of all these things. That means you can pick up all you need to keep your cat happy from just the one spot!

It’s not only the pets we have in mind at Net to Pet - it’s the owners, too. And that’s why we seek to stock only the best products and brands available on the market, so both you and your pet can enjoy a lifestyle that’s comfortable, easy, and fun. We deliver all over Australia, with free shipping on orders over $49. So get shopping and stock up on everything your cat needs to be happy, healthy, and well behaved.