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Completely owned and made in Australia, Advance has a large range known to make them lick their lips. Through years and years of scientific research, Advance have designed unique formulations specifically tailored for your dog and cat. Through being packed with the required nutrition needed for optimal health and well-being for your pet.

Advance pet food is made with only the highest quality of ingredients and proteins to keep their insides and out in top shape including their skin, coat, bones, muscles and joints to name a few. Made with high quality cuts of meat including chicken, lamb and turkey it is not only a premium food for your pet but a delectable flavour your dog and cat will adore.

Whether you have a puppy, kitten, adult or senior pet, Advance have you covered through specifically tailoring their range to suit different life stages and sizes. Some canines require specific dietary needs which is why Advance dog food caters for their needs through products which aid dental issues, skin and stomach problems while also providing weight control formulas. These formulas are backed by extensive studies making them the safe choice for your dog.

Being at the forefront of the pet industry Advance understand your cat from back to front. We all know how fussy they can be which is why their large range contains both Advance wet and dry cat food making it easier for you find something they love, leaving them to lick their bowl clean after every meal.