Scratchers And Trees

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Tired of your kitty scratching up your sofas or walls? Just as much as they love lounging around, cats love to scratch and claw at things. Make sure your kitty is kept busy and entertained with a scratching post that will deter them from using your beloved furniture as an outlet!

Scratching posts can help a cat to get some extra movement in their day and maintain the state of their nails. Not only that, but using a scratching post will also allow your kitty to release some built up tension, letting them float throughout the rest of the day calm and at peace.

At Net to Pet we have a range of scratching posts in different sizes, for kittys of all ages and breeds. We also have scratching post covers that you can replace time and time again, without having to replace the actual scratching post itself. Because once a cat gets used to something, it’s staying there!

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