Dog Training Accessories

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When it comes to dogs, training is necessary no matter the breed or size. Using the appropriate training products can relieve the stress and anxiety that often accompany training sessions. While training most often occurs with puppies, it is important to follow up with training in older dogs to avoid unwanted behaviours.

Puppies come with small bladders, making messes a large source of stress for their owners. Due to the impossible nature of staying home exclusively with your puppy for the first few months, pee pads are a wonderful solution. Place them near the door your puppy uses when it is time for outdoor business and save yourself the cleanup of messy puddles around the home. Pee pads are also great for senior dogs or those who have medical conditions that make accidents more likely.

To the astonishment of many owners, dogs are not born with the knowledge of how to walk on a leash; your puppy must be trained to walk by your side. Using the proper training tools, such as a headcollar, can help. For dogs that are prone to biting, a muzzle may be necessary when out on a walk to prevent others from being hurt.

Another powerful training tool are noisemakers. There are several on the market that purposely distract your dog from an unwanted behaviour. Some of these products mimic the noise of a cat hissing and can momentarily break your dog’s attention, allowing you to resume control. Other devices are made to alert your dog to an incoming command; you squeeze them before giving an order to your dog.