Flea Spray for Dogs

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While monthly flea and tick prevention pills and topical medications are highly recommended, there are some cases where these methods may not be suitable for your dog's use. Your veterinarian may recommend a flea spray if your dog has certain health conditions or has had a reaction to monthly forms of flea and tick medication.

Sprays work in a very simple way. They are applied directly onto the coat of your dog and massaged into the skin. Care must be taken to avoid the face and ears and dogs should not be allowed to lick the areas of application. Most sprays can rid your dog of an infestation that already exists and help inhibit the hatching of more eggs. While these sprays work on ticks, they do not control certain types, such as the paralysis tick. It is recommended that you check your dog daily for ticks when using these types of products.

Flea and tick sprays typically do not last long and need to be reapplied weekly. They wash away in water, so reapplication after bathing or swimming is recommended. Due to the lower cost of the spray versus the pill or monthly topical treatment, reapplication is relatively cheap.

Sprays also have the added benefit of treating the environment where your dog lives. You can spray various surfaces that may be infested with fleas and ticks, including dog bedding and outdoor areas. Some formulas are even safe for use on carpet to remove and prevent further infestation.