Dry Dog Foods

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Dry dog food has many advantages including storage, convenience, and price. It is economical and easily accessible. Dry food has very few drawbacks that mostly relate to your individual dog’s health and extreme climate conditions.

Dry food can be stored for years. While each brand has their own recommendations, many can be stored for over a year. All you need to ensure the food stays fresh is a sealed plastic container. The food can be stored in a garage or shed as long as the container is sealed.

Dry food is convenient in a variety of ways. This food can be left out without fear of spoiling. This allows your dog to eat when hungry as opposed to large amounts at a given time. This is very beneficial to people who leave their home for long periods.

Dry dog food is economical, especially when feeding more than one dog. It has a tendency to be cheaper since you can purchase the food in bulk. Dry food can also be used as treats, allowing you to avoid purchasing more items.

Dry food has several added benefits to the dental health of dogs. The food does not stick to the teeth as much as wet food and it acts as a natural dental tool, scraping off plaque build-up as your dog chews. This can mean fewer dental visits over the course of your dog’s life.

Dry dog food may not be well suited for dogs that have digestive issues or dental problems. Dry dog foods may also not be adequate for dogs that live in an extremely hot, dry environment.