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Why would you choose Adaptil?

Adaptil has been formulated to replicate the natural pheromones produced by mother dogs to communicate with their puppies. Scientifically known as Dog Appeasing Pheromones, they are an odorless message that is only identified by dogs with no effects on people or other pets. These pheromones help dogs and puppies of all ages feel more relaxed and reassured when faced with challenging situations like travel or storms, reducing signs of anxiety and stress in dogs.

Adaptil, assistance for every situation

Adaptil Collar and Adaptil Spray can be used to assist your dog in different situations. The Adaptil Collar can be used for dogs that suffer anxiety daily or who are going through an ongoing stressful situation. The Adaptil Spray is effective for temporary situations like travel or thunderstorms. Whether you are after something your dog can wear for continual relief, a product to use in your home on an ongoing basis or a spray that can be used in unforeseen situations that may arise, there is something for everyone and a product to fit every situation.

Assistance In Various Situations

We all know how unpleasant stress and anxiety is in our lives, so imagine how your dog feels when faced with a situation that creates these feelings in them. They cannot tell us how they are feeling, and we cannot logically explain to them that there is nothing to be worried about. Adaptil Collars and Adaptil Spray will comfort your dog with the replicated pheromones and see them through the challenge they are facing.

Combating Issues Fast

The Adaptil range releases pheromones to reduce various issues your dog may suffer from. Many dog owners should start seeing results within 7 days. In order to see the best results, these products should be used ongoing as this creates a reassuring environment within your house and keeps them calm and stress-free every day of the week. The Adaptil range is completely safe to use in both adult dogs and puppies with no minimum age when administering and the results speak for themselves with millions of dogs worldwide using this range with excellent results.