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Billy and Margot Dog Food

Wholesome Dog Food, lovingly crafted:

Developed by certified canine nutritionist Marie Jones, Billy & Margot dog food offers you the opportunity to feed your dog a diet filled with nutritional and tasty ingredients that include both premium quality proteins and superfoods.

The Circle of Nutrition

The Billy & Margot circle of nutrition was developed by Marie Jones and it can be used to help you create a diet that I not only nutritionally balanced, but enjoyable for your dog too! The circle of nutrition comprises of four sectors; Sustain, Enhance, Connect and Thrive.


The Billy and Margot dry dog food range is packed full of flavour, is grain free and nutritionally balanced. This is the ideal foundation for your dog’s diet. Each of the flavour options in the dry dog food range is crafted using 70% fresh or raw meat, 30% superfoods and/or holistic natural ingredients and 0% grains. A natural canine diet is heavily based on protein which both nourishes and satisfies dogs like no other food can. This is why Billy & Margot dog food uses fresh or raw meat as the number one ingredient in all their dry dog food range mixed with superfoods, fruit and vegetables that include turmeric, spinach, kale, pumpkin and blueberries.


No one wants to eat the same thing every day so add some variety and a change of texture to your dog’s mealtime by including the Billy and Margot wet dog food. Still offering a completely nutritional, balanced meal, wet dog food smells, tastes and feels more like the protein your dog is eating. Every product in the wet food range is still grain free, still protein-based and includes nutrient-dense superfoods like flaxseeds, coconut oil and sweet potato as well as added vitamins and minerals to ensure that your dog is eating a completely balanced meal.


Everyone loves to treat themselves and our dogs are no different! The Billy & Margot grain free treats enrich the bond you have with your dog. Offering a choice of Fruity Iced Treats that not only reward your dog but help them feel cool and fresh on hot days and grain free Dental Treats that are designed to assist with oral hygiene.


Billy and Margot dog food also offers a selection of chilled rolls, raw medallions and frozen bites, all nutritionally complete offering a well-balanced meal option for your dog. This range is gently steamed to ensure more of the natural ingredients are retained.