Urine Free

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Urine Free

No one wants to talk about urine but let’s be honest, sometimes, accidents happen! Toilet training your kitten or puppy can sometimes be a challenge and some older dogs lose the ability to ‘hold on’. You think you have cleaned the affected area but on those warm or humid days the smell can return. It is frustrating and embarrassing to have a house that smells like pee! UrineFree will permanently clean and remove all urine stains and odours.

Efficient Odour Control

As everyone knows and has experienced at least once in their life when it comes to their dog or cat accidents can happen! Urine odours and stains are hard to deal with being both unhygienic and the smell can be very unpleasant. Compared to other products on the market Urine Free doesn’t just mask the smell, it contains a unique all-in-one bio-enzymatic urinal removal formula which eliminates the source of the odour and the stains anywhere in your household including tiles, bedding, carpets and even upholstery.

Eco-Friendly Formula

Urine Free is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemical cleaners you may use around the house. This formula contains no harsh ingredients and is completely safe to use around humans and other animals making it the perfect product for eliminating unwanted smells and stain around your house. Are you worried Urine Free may damage your furniture? Don’t stress this formula is water based meaning it won’t damage to wood, carpet or upholstery if you are still worried simply spray a tiny amount onto a cloth and wipe onto a small area of surface you are cleaning and wait 30 minutes to see any discolouration before further use.

Top Tips When Applying

We have collected some great tips before you starting using Urine Free to get the most out of your product and keeping your house fresh and clean:
- Allow the stained area to stay wet with Urine Free as long as possible to see the best results.
- Do not use other cleaning products combined with this formula as this may result in the stains and odours becoming harder to eliminate.