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Back 2 Nature Litter

Why choose Back 2 Nature Litter?

Back 2 Nature small animal bedding and litter is a uniquely formulated litter made from more than 99% recycled paper product with no additives or chemicals and is virtually dust free! Back 2 Nature is highly absorbent with natural odor control and better still, Back 2 Nature is a biodegradable litter!

Back 2 Nature Litter suitable for all small pets

Back 2 Nature is a superior option for your small animal litter and bedding needs. Back 2 Nature Litter is suitable for rodents, mammals, birds, and reptiles and being virtually dust free, it reduces mess made from tracking.

Consider Your Carbon Pawprint

This small animal litter not only is perfect for your pet, but gets the tick of approval when it comes to the environment. This product uses absolutely no virgin material using recycled product to create this awesome litter. Compared to other cat litters, Back 2 Nature use no acid or alkaline bleaches and absolutely no coating, anti clump or scent additives.

More Than Just Litter!

Not only is this litter great for the environment, Back 2 Nature packaging is completely recyclable and is made from 99% renewable paper. Once the litter has been used, it is perfectly suitable to be used as surface mulch in your garden. Not only is it extremely absorbent and odour eliminating Back 2 Nature litter when used as a surface mulch can suppress weed growth, hold water and reduce soil erosion. Don’t want to use it in your garden? Don’t worry this litter will naturally decompose within landfill, the choices is yours without the stress of harming the environment.

Back 2 Nature is available in 3 different size, easy to manage bags, 10L, 20L and 30L, so no matter if you have one cat or a multi cat household, there is a size available for every feline out there.