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Farmers Market Dog Food

Straight From The Farm, Maximum Freshness

Farmers Market Dog Food is all about ensuring your dog has the best available nutrition they need through formulating a dry dog food which contains only high-quality ingredients at a fraction of the price to provide them with a food that they will be begging you for more. Farmers Market believe the idea and values we all share, your best friend deserves real food. Why give your pet processed foods when you can give them the best. Don’t believe us? The awards speak for themselves. Farmers Market dog food was named number one product of the year in the pet care category in 2018 in the nielson awards with over 13,000 votes, that is something we can get behind.

Proudly Local: Here In Your Backyard

Farmers Market is made with premium produce from real Australian farms. These natural ingredients are sourced from farmers with years of experience to create a meal which is 100% complete and balanced to provide optimal nutrition for your dog without all the nasties, you will not find any added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, just natural, delicious dog food. An added benefit in this range is every product is 100% grain-free which is perfect for those dogs with skin and stomach issues.

Mixed Feeding: Add Variety To Their Diet

While dry food is great for your dog's dental health as the unique kibble shape helps remove plaque and tartar buildup, wet food is perfect in keeping your dog hydrated as it has higher water content. Farmers Market has both a wet and dry food range which is perfect in not only keeping them healthy but providing variety which can be useful with picky dogs. Farmers Market Wet Food come in ready to serve casserole style meals in various tasty flavours including tender lamb, hickory beef, roast beef and chicken.

Nutrition Through Innovation

Using unique technology and innovation named M.I.N.T or Macro Infusion of Nutrients Technology, Farmers Market have made sure each piece of kibble is infused with succulent vegetables, minerals and vitamins which ensures they are meeting all their nutritional needs with every bite. Commitment to real food with maximum taste which makes them the first choice for many owners. The awards and positive reviews are there for all to see, shop the Farmers Market range from Net to Pet today.