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Sashas Blend

Proven Joint Formula

From humble beginnings in 2000, Sashas Blend has become Australia's number one choice when it comes to natural joint health treatment for your dog. This product was made due to something many dogs owners experience, seeing their old friend suffering from lameness. This product is backed by years of scientific research to produce a formula which is shown to improve joint function and improve mobility in both your dog or cat.

A Formula That Works

Sashas Blend is a 100% natural powder which is easily administered by placing the powder on top of their food at mealtime. Containing a complex, unique combination of marine concentrates including Green Lipped Mussel, Abalone and Marine Cartilage to provide a formula which is packed full of nutrients and vitamins allowing them to keep an active lifestyle for longer. These ingredients actively work at the site of your dog's joint issues.

How To Administer?

Forget about oral chews and tablets, Sashas Blend comes in an easy to administer powder form which your pet will love, simply place the powder on top of their dry food diet, its as simple as that. We haven’t forgotten about those fussy eaters, if they don’t enjoy Sashas Blend powder straight on their food, a great idea is mixing the powder with wet food or liquid, or simply just roll the formula into a treat using bread, cheese etc.

Results When They Matter

All dogs whether they are young or old deserve a healthy active lifestyle which is why Sashas Blend formula helps improve joint health within two to four weeks, with some dogs seeing a change in mobility in as little as three days. Not only used as a treatment, but this joint powder is also useful as a preventative measure in young and adult dogs who have the risk of suffering from joint issues once they become older.

Treating At The Issue

Unlike other products which provide short term relief, Sashas Blend provides long term protection and treatment against joint problems. This powder promotes healthy growth of cartilage and lubricates the joints by maintaining the synovial fluid which cushions joints whilst also removing waste from the cartilage and also lowering the production of Nitric Oxide which can be responsible for joint pain.