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Advantix for Dogs

Advantix, the choice is yours

Fleas and ticks are not just annoying for you and your dog. The feeding activity of fleas on your dog can create a hypersensitive skin disorder known as flea allergy dermatitis, the brown dog tick, when present in high enough numbers, can cause anemia in dogs and Paralysis ticks can be fatal in any sized dog! Just one bite could see your best friend fighting for their life. Tick bite prevention is essential if you live in, or are planning on visiting, an area known for paralysis ticks.

How Advantix for Dogs works

Advantix utilises a rapid kill formula to stop fleas feeding on your dog within 3 to 5 minutes and it kills adult fleas within 20 minutes. Advantix has the added benefit of killing fleas in your dog’s environment which helps break the flea life cycle. Advantix for dogs also includes an active ingredient that repels and kills sand flies and mosquitoes further protecting your dog from the irritation of insect bites. For full flea and biting insect protection, Advantix should be applied to your dog on a monthly basis.

Advantix for dogs needs to be applied on a fortnightly basis to be effective in the prevention of tick bite and should be used in conjunction with a daily check for those dogs who live in areas known for paralysis ticks.

Advantix is a fast acting, easy to use, water-resistant spot-on treatment that remains effective even after swimming or shampooing and is safe to use on pregnant and lactating dogs and puppies from 7 weeks old.